1. Steer-by-Wire Control Systems

  • Successful development of advanced control algorithm for a Steer-by-Wire (SbW) vehicle.
  • The project involved knowledge of control theory, electrical motor, advanced control technique and SbW systems.

2. Chiller Controller

  • Development of a full control system including backend and frontend for multi compressor chillers, manufactured by Multistack in US.
  • The controller runs on Niagara framework, a Building Automation Java Architecture.

3. Serial Extender - Modbus RTU to Canbus Gateway

  • Designed and developed successfully a so-called serial extender, a hardware prototype of CANbus to Modbus RS485 gateway.
  • The project involved a complete design of CAN/Modbus converter, which allows the IO expansion module to communicate with field devices using Modbus RTU protocol and transcode the data back to a server via CANbus.
  • The handshake procedure and encoding/decoding are completely customized and unique to suit the application. The work was mostly done in Java, including low level JNI interfacing with the Lynxspring hardware running on Linux. It was moreover intergrated into Niagara framework with frontend implementation for Chiller controller and other related applications.

4. Intercom Systems Using SIP/WebRTC

  • Successful development of Intercom system using SIP -Session Initiation Protocols over WebRTC and integration into Niagara Building control framework using Java and Javascripts for almost 350 apartments block in Central Park Sydney.
  • Involvement and exposure to Android app, inter-networking (VLANs), SIP trunking, proxy server (NGINX), DNS and SSL certifications, Java and Javascript programming.